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A Minimalist Villa High in the Italian Alps

Camillo Botticini Architect completed the design of Alps Villa, a spacious minimalist villa perched 2,300 feet up on a mountain pass in Lumezzane, Italy. Integrated in a sublime natural environment, the residence is an oasis of tranquility.“The landscape is characterized by a valley to the south and a frame of green mountains with peaks of ...

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Natural Landscaping: Home and Garden Tips You Can Go Wild Over

Natural Landscaping: Home and Garden Tips You Can Go Wild Over Sustainable landscapes, xeriscaping, “naturescaping” and native plant landscaping are different home and garden terms for the natural landscaping movement. Whether you live in Florida, California or anywhere in between, create a friendly landscape for local butterflies and other wildlife ...

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Dramatic Luxury Home Overlooking the Pacific

Aiming to connect living spaces with the dramatic ocean vistas surrounding the property, Ezequiel Farca Architects envisioned a luxury home with green walls and floor-to-ceiling-windows. The private residence in the photos below is located in the marina of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Overlooking the Pacific Bay, it was conceived as a ...

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3D Paper Stars Printable

Yes, because days before Christmas we all want to spend time making things since there’s absolutely nothing else to do and we’re all not busy, I get it!  I’ve got you guys in mind with this really easy DIY printable you can use for your gift wrapping this week.  It’s ...

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A Coastal Italian Home Made With Volcanic Ash

0-co2 architettura sostenibile based G-M House on the idea of “architecture without architects.”  The project aims to let the southeast Italian coastal micro-climate influence every aspect of the design.  In order to do this, they revived ancient rules of construction and used locally sourced materials.  The end result is a ...

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