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A Coastal Italian Home Made With Volcanic Ash

0-co2 architettura sostenibile based G-M House on the idea of “architecture without architects.”  The project aims to let the southeast Italian coastal micro-climate influence every aspect of the design.  In order to do this, they revived ancient rules of construction and used locally sourced materials.  The end result is a ...

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Balcony Garden in Hanoi Proves Every Home Can Have Outdoor Space


Collect this idea Located in a small and narrow alley in Hanoi, Vietnam, the QT House by Landmak Architecture is a smaller version of the typical tube house. It’s sandwiched between two adjoining dwellings like many of the homes in Vietnam’s fast-growing urban neighborhoods. These tall, narrow houses — each connected to its neighbor — make ...

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How to Prevent Weeds with Newspaper and Mulch


This is a short post, but I just wanted to share with you guys an update on how effective adding newspaper to your flower beds really is… even with a TON of neglect for an entire season! Last year, I began working on the garden area on the side of ...

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Craving Blush


I’ve never been terribly excited about pink, but something has happened.  Maybe it’s Spring, maybe it’s how good it looks in Scandinavian interiors, or really with any neutrals, and maybe for once the Pantone color of the year is having an effect on me.  I usually don’t subscribe to that trend ...

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